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MasterCard Masters

***NOTE: The Australian Masters will not run in 2016. The organisers of the event will unveil their new plans for the event in the coming months.***

The MasterCard Masters is part of the Australian Masters, a yearly golf tournament which was founded in 1979. The tournament attracts thousands of golf enthusiasts year after year.

As one of the most high profile events on Australia’s sporting calendar, visitors to Melbourne in November have the opportunity to attend this stellar tournament.

MasterCard Masters 2016 Australian Golf Tournament

Tickets to the event are available for purchase online and vary in cost depending on the tournament round. More importantly however, is that while a general admission ticket allows free movement at the golf course, visitors are restricted to the rope-enclosed areas.

In accordance with this, visitors are required to take instructions from the marshals controlling traffic at the various crossing points about when they are permitted to cross. This avoids disturbing the players concentration whilst the tournament is underway.

The course at the event is accessible for the physically challenged, complete with accessible washrooms. During the course of the tournament, taking of photographs and calls on mobile phones is prohibited as it can cause distraction for the players.

Travelling to the course is easiest by car as it is only a 20km drive from the CBD. For those who wish to take public transport, catch a train on the Pakenham/Dandenong Line to Oakleigh or Huntingdale Station. Both locations have bus services hwich will take you within a short walk to the course.

All in all, the MasterCard Masters is a must-attend event for golf enthusiasts whilst staying in Melbourne. if you intend to watch the tournament over a number of days, it is best to book accommodation near the venue. Check out our accommodation links below for the best deals.


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