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Sourced from: Jim Lee, Dean Wallis and Tony Zara from MIFF website

Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival is one of the oldest events in Melbourne and held over three weeks around July and August every year.

Founded in 1952, the film festival is one of the oldest in the world, and out of all four major film festivals in the country, this is one of the most popular.

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 – MIFF Dates

As the name suggests, the Melbourne International Film Festival is all about celebrating international film. The MIFF’s list of events include showcasing a selection of feature films, arthouse films, documentaries and short films. Families will be excited to know that some of these include a number of children’s and family films.

This festival is celebrated all across the city, with films shown in various venues all across the city. Some of the more popular venues include the Forum Theatre, the Australian Centre of Performing Arts, the Victorian Arts Centre, Wheeler Centre, Kino Cinemas and the Village Roadshow Theatrette.

The festival also honours entrants by giving out awards to the best documentaries, fiction and feature films of the event.

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