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Melbourne Writers Festival
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Melbourne Writers Festival

The Melbourne Writers Festival is another cultural event catering for writers and readers; that includes a diverse schedule of educational programs, workshops, interactive sessions and entertainment options for all participants.

Writers, bloggers, online publishers, political activists and journalists are few of the many that participate in this event.

Melbourne Writers Festival 2017 Dates & Program Events

The Melbourne Writers Festival also draws international attention on Melbourne, with international travel journalists, groups and online writers also coming to the city to be a part of it.

The festival started in 1986 with an aim to reflect and encourage writers in Melbourne’s diverse community. Later, it became a popular event that not only promotes new publications, but also encourages new writers to learn, expand their experiences and grow within the industry.

The Melbourne Writers Festival also offers a range of diverse programs for all writers and online publishers. Workshops are conducted during this event which help writers learn different types of valuable skills. For instance, bloggers can learn writing fantasy, and journalists can acquire the skills of writing a romantic novel. Those working on a special project can also expand their horizons by taking part.

The festival also includes some free events too, with the event taking place in the month of August at ACMI. Writers, thinkers, illustrators and performers of all age groups are welcome to participate and celebrate this event in Melbourne.

Different venues around Federation Square
Cnr of Swanston & Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC, ,

TBA - August 2017
Times vary for each event

(03) 9094 7859

[email protected]

Ticket Prices / Admission
Prices vary for each event


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    • Hi Ruth,

      Here is some information available on the Melbourne Writer’s Festival website:

      “Our printed Festival Planner includes a selection of Festival events, and is available from our box office, as well as Readings bookshops… A limited number of Festival Planners are available by post if you’re unable to access it in the ways outlined above. Please call 03 9094 7859 and we will post a copy, subject to availability.”

      “We take into account many factors when sharing our program with the public – aiming for the most effective and accessible options available. In recent years, we’ve found that more and more of our audience prefer to access our program information online. This has grown so that now the majority of our audience access the program online rather than in print. Producing a full printed program for insertion into The Age used significant resources, and was inefficient considering many people didn’t use it. The best way to access the full Festival program is via our website or mobile apps – these include all Festival events and the most up-to-date information.”


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