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Neighbours Tours
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Want to experience the magic of Melbourne with a local touch? Then make plans to take the exciting Melbourne Neighbours Tour, a must-do while in the city.

The Neighbours Tour, just as the name suggests, brings together fans of the long running Australian TV show “Neighbours” to tour the set and the surrounding areas where the show is filmed.

Melbourne Neighbours Tours Ramsay Street, Australia

Neighbours is Australia’s longest-running series, and tells the story if the lives of families residing on Ramsay Street. The popularity of the drama series makes it easy to understand why the Melbourne Neighbours Tour is one of the most popular tours within Melbourne.

Highlights of the tour include the famous setting of the drama series, Ramsay Street, an exclusive meet up with stars of the cast, both present and those in the past as well as exciting photo opportunities of some of the most well known houses on Australian television. You can also see many of the props used on the show and purchase official merchandise.

Depending on the time of tour, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the action on set during filming of one of the episodes. Fans of the show can choose between a couple of tour options; some come with a star meet and greet and others tour the exterior of the sets. Both run on weekdays and weekends with a morning and afternoon departures.

The mode of transport for the tours is an air-conditioned / heated (depending on the weather) mini-bus which offers spectacular views of the serene suburbia.

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Neighbours Tours Information

Tours depart from 3/570 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC
 Operating Hours:
Various tour times
Phone: (03) 9629 5866

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