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Enterprize Park
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Enterprize Park

Melbourne’s cultural district is also home to some unique landmarks and establishments, specially ones dedicated to our Indigenous people – Enterprize Park is one of those built to represent the traditions and cultures.

This small park is located on the north bank of the beautiful river of Yarra in Melbourne. It is believed that this province of Melbourne was the primary dwelling place for many Indigenous settlers in the past.

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As you enter the park, you’ll notice a variety of traditional wooden equipment and essential everyday items; resemble original shields, canoes and baby cradles used by Indigenous people. In the past, these communities used trees to carve signposts in order to help community members to stay within their territory.

For most Indigenous communities, these trees were lifesavers. However, today these trees are some of the most unique and precious artifacts in the area.

There are also plenty of contemporary man-made items here; including statues, memorial figures and sculptures designed and made by many native Indigenous artists. This beautiful setting on the bank of Yarra River offers a welcoming and one-of-a-kind setting.

469-503 Flinders Street
Melbourne, VIC

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