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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a pristine beach nestled in Black Rock, some 22 kilometres south-east from the Melbourne CBD.

The iconic beach gets its name from its crescent-like appearance, and is a favourite travel destination for many local beach lovers.

Half Moon Bay Black Rock Beach, HMVS Cerberus & Dog Off Leash Areas

Popular for boating, Half Moon Bay has a boat launching ramp as well as a 100 metre long jetty. If you look down off the jetty, you will see some of the remains of the historic HMVS Cerberus which grounded here in 1926. Fishing is also popular off the peer, so bring along your rod and try your luck here in the evening!

The beach is popular with swimmers, but there are some hidden rips here. The safest places to swim are close to hte shore line in the southern corner of the beach. The waves are moderate and can be suitable for low level surfing.

Take a walk to the cliffs of the Red Bluff region and enjoy as the waters lap the shore creating a tranquil setting at dusk. During daylight savings periods, dogs are permitted leash-free in the evening from 7pm to 9am the next morning. However they are prohibited during the day between 9am-7pm. During non-daylight savings periods, dogs are permitted leash-free at all times.

There are three car parks located here with metered parking spots. There is also a restaurant overlooking the water, a kiosk selling hot food and cold drinks as well as a fish and chip shop where you can grab some lunch or a quick dinner.

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