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Victorian Opera
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Victorian Opera

Founded in 2005, the Victorian Opera is a popular opera company in Melbourne. The main source of funding was from the State government and gradually, the Victorian Opera became extremely popular and positioned itself as one of the major theatre groups in Victoria.

The Victorian Opera Melbourne, Australia

Today, The Victorian Opera Company is an innovative entertainment group that creates a variety of operas each year. Some of the major seasons have included Walton/Ibert, Berlio and the Britten.

Through its new and innovative productions, the Victorian Opera has established itself as a distinctive opera company within Australia.

The company also offers an artistic program that welcomes brand new work from new and enthusiastic opera groups. The company’s seasons features an excellent mix of opera productions, concerts and theatrical shows.

The Victorian Opera aims to entertain guests year after year and is always trying something new and innovative.

Make sure you check out their theatre schedule to see if there’s something showing whilst visiting Melbourne.

Horti Hall, 31 Victoria Street
Melbourne, VIC

Opening Hours
Operating hours vary according to the event.

Phone Number
03 9001 6400

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What is the Victorian Opera address?
Horti Hall, 31 Victoria Street, Melbourne, VIC

Please visit our website for more information on the Victorian Opera.
What are the Victorian Opera opening hours?
How much are the Victorian Opera tickets?
Prices vary according to the season and event.

Please visit our website for more information on the Victorian Opera.
What is the Victorian Opera phone number?
What is the Victorian Opera email address?

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