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Werribee Open Range Zoo

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The Werribee Open Range Zoo is a must-visit location on your next trip to Melbourne. This beautiful zoo is located next to the Werribee Park Mansion and is bordered by the Werribee River.

Within this open-range zoo, you will find a variety of animals from all over the world. You’ll see native Australian species of animals and birds, as well as a large number of animals from the African savannah.

Werribee Open Range Zoo Ticket Prices, Safari Map & Opening Hours

Experience a safari like never before. Take the 40-minute wildlife safari bus around the zoo and learn more about wild animals and birds. Your tour guide will teach you more about the native and exotic animals residing within the zoo. The safari is suitable for all ages and caters to people with disabilities. It is included in your admission price.

While on safari, you will see various African Savannah animals, including giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and ostriches. These animals share a common habitat in the sweeping flood plains of the river. The zoo also has a hippo-exhibit for visitors to drive through and enjoy. See lions in the fascinating Lion Encounter, where you can see lions up close, and check out the new gorilla enclosure, which houses large male silverback gorillas.

Explore the Australian exhibit, which features native species of animals and birds. See Australian grey kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and more.

Several exhibits at this zoo are also interactive. Young visitors are welcome to participate in the interactive zoo talks with a guide and learn more about the many intriguing animal species that call this zoo home.

Don’t miss the chance to take the Pula Reserve Walking Trail. It will take you on a walk to encounter amazing animals, including lions, gorillas, monkeys, hippos, and cheetahs.

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  • 1) Will the Werribee zoo open tomorrow (31.12.2020)?
    2) Can we (3 persons without booking) come to the Zoo and pay at the entrance?
    3) Is there any discount for Victorian Senior Card holders?

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your question. I have answered each below:

      1) Will the Werribee zoo open tomorrow (31.12.2020)?
      Yes, the Werribee Open Range Zoo is open every day of the year.

      2) Can we (3 persons without booking) come to the Zoo and pay at the entrance?
      Not at the moment. Due to COVID restrictions, “everyone (including Zoo Members and babies) needs to have a pre-booked zoo ticket before you arrive at the zoo. You will not be able to book tickets at the gate.” You can buy tickets at https://www.zoo.org.au/werribee/whats-on/events/entry/, and kids are currently free during school holidays.

      3) Is there any discount for Victorian Senior Card holders?
      Yes, the Senior tickets cost $34, which is $4 cheaper than the adult tickets at $38.

      Hope this helps and have a great day.


  • Hi there, i am bringing my grandson to your zoo on the 21st september, i have booked for the 1.5 hour safari, but i have been told that i have to book to see other attractions like lions edge etc, can you also please let me know the prices of said events.. i am a concession and my grandson is 13 …
    This is his first trip from Queensland so i want to make it a memorable one for both of us.. thankyou

  • My husband is in wheelchair (can’t walk at all) and we would love to visit Werribee Zoo. It says that safari trip are cater for people with disability, so I am wondering whether he will be ok to visit the zoo?

    • Hi Katerina, thanks for your question.

      The Werribee Open Range Zoo has an easy-to-follow pathway system, with access for people using wheelchairs. All the main areas of the park are fitted with ramps where required, but the pathways are very flat and easily navigated by wheelchair. There are also accessible toilets located at the main entrance, in the Meerkat Bistro and at the Safari Station.

      The Safari Tour is also wheelchair accessible with ramp access. There are four wheelchair-accessible Safari buses which can fit two wheelchairs each. The wheelchairs are accommodated at the front of the vehicles alongside the driver and will be safely strapped in. You can ring ahead to make a booking if you wish (03 9731 9610), or simply contact the safari staff as you arrive and they will assist you with boarding.

      Werribee Zoo also offers free entry for carers accompanying a person with a disability who is a holder of a Disability Pension Card or a Companion Card. So make sure to take that card with you. Also, there are accessible parking bays near the main entrance of the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

      Have a great time at Werribee Zoo!
      Kind regards,

  • Hello, I have a disability and I have a walker to help me but I cant walk very far and I want to see your amazing african animals. Is there anyway of getting around the grounds without walking to much? Also, I want to go on the off road safari that costs $55.00. Can I just go on there and pay or do I have to book in advance? The reason I ask is because I also get dizzy sometimes and I dont know how I will feel on the day. If I do pay in advance but can’t go on the safari, would I get a refund?

    • Hi Robert,

      Get in touch with Zoos Victoria, as they are able to offer mobile guided tours which are free where up to three passengers can be taken around the zoo in an electric golf cart. Tours last up to 1.5 hours. Advance bookings are required via (03) 9731 9610.

      As for the off road tour, bookings should be made in advance as if there are insufficient numbers, the tour can be cancelled. Zoos Victoria advise the following cancellation policy:
      “Cancellation policy
      In the event that you cancel your animal encounter the following cancellation applies:
      Bookings cancelled at least 30 days prior to event date will be given a full refund.
      Cancellations between 14 and 30 days prior to the event date incur a 50% cancellation fee.
      Bookings cancelled within 14 days of the event date incur a 100% cancellation fee.”

      So unfortunately, if you book the tour but are unable to attend, it seems you will not be entitled to a refund. I would however speak to someone at Zoos Victoria about your situation, as some discretion may be applied if you pull out for medical reasons. You can call them to make your booking and discuss the cancellation policy on 1300 966 784.

      Have a wonderful day at Werribee Open Range Zoo!

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Michelle,

      There is free entry for carers accompanying a person with a disability who is a holder of a Child Disability Allowance Health Care Card, a Disability Pension Card or a Companion Card. There is also a 10% discount for holder of a Carer Card NOT accompanying a person with a disability.

      The difference between concession and seniors is as follows:
      Seniors is for people over 60 years of age who have a Seniors Card.
      Concession is for people with an Australian Pensioner Concession Card, full-time student card, Healthcare Card, Disability Concession Card, or DVA Gold Card.

      Hope this clarifies things for you!

    • Hi Scott,

      The animals are out all year round, but as it is an open range zoo, they will do what animals want to do! So if its a particularly hot day, you might find them in the shade or wallowing in a mud bath. If its cold and rainy, they might seek shelter under a tree.

      Keep in mind that most are African animals, so the sunshine is their friend. I would go in Spring or Summer as a cold rainy Melbourne day isn’t much fun to be outside in.

      If you have kids, just note that weekends and school holidays are FREE for them and you only have to pay for adult tickets. Great value!

      Have a great day at the Werribee Open Range Zoo!


What is the Werribee Open Range Zoo address?
What are the Werribee Open Range Zoo opening hours?
What are the Werribee Open Range Zoo entry prices?
Adult: $38
Concession: $29
Seniors: $34
Child (0-3yrs): FREE
Child (4-15 yrs): $19 (Mon-Fri only)*

*Kids are free on weekends, VIC public holidays & VIC school holidays

Please visit our website for more information on the Werribee Open Range Zoo.
What is the Werribee Open Range Zoo phone number?

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