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Royal Botanic Gardens

Top 7 Public Parks in Melbourne

Arguably one of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne has so much to offer to its locals and visitors. The city is dotted with internationally acclaimed parks and green spaces open spaces where you can spend leisure time.

Public parks in Melbourne are diverse in character and size, as well as attractions and activities offered. There are old parks that date back to hundreds of years as well as modern parks. They also have facilities that the public can use such as playgrounds, BBQs, toilets, and sports grounds. Some parks also host public exhibitions, performances and other activities.

Here let’s check out some of the best public parks that Melbourne has to offer.

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne
Credit to Adrian Vittoro. Image supplied by Royal Botanic Gardens via Dropbox.

A collection of rare and beautiful plants awaits you at the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is home to thousands of individual plants and different species. The flowers, once in full bloom, are definitely a sight to behold.

Aside from the flowers, the Royal Botanic Gardens also offers wonderful views of iconic buildings and picturesque landscapes.

You can walk around the 3.8 km track (locally called the ‘Tan Track‘) that passes alongside the Yarra River and Shrine of Remembrance. The Gardens is also home to various wildlife species such as cockatoos, bellbirds, black swans, and kookaburras.

2. Queens Park

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne
By Bidgee, Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

If you’re near Moonee Ponds and want to spend some time under the sun, you can visit Queens Park. Beautiful, well kept and spacious, this public park is a favourite destination for picnics and other outdoor activities. For kids and kids-at-heart, there are two playgrounds where they can enjoy. There is also a cafe for those who want some drinks or foods.

If you just want a stroll, you can walk around the lake and the lovely gardens surrounding it. Seats and drinking fountains can also be found throughout the park. You can also drop by the shopping centre, which is just walking distance away. With so many attractions to see, you’ll surely want to go back again.

3. Fitzroy Gardens

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne

One of the oldest parks in Melbourne, the Fitzroy Gardens follows a classic Victorian-era design that is characterized by layered landscapes and pathways lined with towering Elm trees, and a variety of shrubs, flowers and trees. To enjoy all the magnificent attractions that the Gardens have to offer, make sure to catch the free guided walking tour.

4. Yarra Bend Park

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne
Sourced from melbournedaily.blogspot.com.au

Yarra Bend Park is located just within the heart of Melbourne. It covers a large area of natural bushland plus other attractions such as playing fields, golf courses, open woodlands, and river escarpment. To explore the park, you can go walking or biking, as there are paths and trails, as well as boating with boat hires available in the river.

Yarra Bend Park also offers some of the most awesome views of Melbourne’s skyline. Other amenities around the park include BBQs, playgrounds, picnic areas, and rotundas. Foods and drinks are also available. The park also hosts a number of events that you might want to see. With so much fun activities in this park, it’s definitely the perfect place for families.

5. Carlton Gardens

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne

What better way to spend your day than spend it in a World Heritage-listed park such as the Carlton Gardens? Founded in the 1800s for the Melbourne International Exhibition, the Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building is listed as a World Heritage site. It features elaborate fountains, ornamental lakes, flower landscapes, and towering trees.

There are also regular activities and exhibitions in the Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building.

6. Princes Park

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne
Princes Park, Carlton North, Victoria, Australia” by Mat Connolley (Matnkat), Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Locally known as ‘The Prinny’, the Princes Park is the top destination for walking enthusiasts, runners and joggers because of its soft gravel-covered running track that spans 3.2 kilometres.

The Carlton Bowls Club, Optus Oval and the Melbourne Cemetery surround the park. There are picnic spots around the man-made pool as well as playgrounds and open spaces.

7. Royal Park

Top 7 Public Parks In Melbourne
Royal Park Melbourne” by Original uploader was Tirin at en.wikipedia, Transferred from en.wikipedia; transfer was stated to be made by User:Fecchi.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Royal Park is the largest park in Melbourne, which covers 181 hectares. At the middle of the park are the zoo and a golf course.

Aside from paths for walking and cycling, the park also hosts many other sporting facilities for soccer, cricket, baseball, and golf. For nature lovers, there is a vast coverage of lightly timbered areas and grassland. During summer months, the park offers the best part for stargazing, a favourite destination for astronomy enthusiasts.

Melbourne is blessed with so many public parks. You’ll surely never get enough of these open spaces an with these parks just around the corner, residents and visitors will surely not run out of activities to do.

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