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Melbourne Moon Festival 7

Melbourne Moon Festival

The Melbourne Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (MTCC) is thrilled to announce the upcoming Melbourne Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

This annual multicultural celebration has become one of the most anticipated events in the region, showcasing Asian culture, traditions, and cuisines.

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As a non-for-profit organisation catering to the cultural, social, and commercial needs of the Taiwanese-Australian community in Melbourne, MTCC is dedicated to serving and improving the local community through various initiatives.

One of their key events, the Melbourne Moon Festival, brings together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a time for families and friends to gather and admire the mid-autumn harvest moon.

Scheduled for September 2024, in the Box Hill Mall area, the Melbourne Moon Festival aims to create a memorable experience for attendees of all ages. With an anticipated 45 stalls showcasing a wide variety of cuisines, arts and crafts, and a full mainstage entertainment program, the festival offers a fantastic platform for cultural exploration and appreciation.

“The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is one of the most important events on the Chinese calendar, symbolising family unity and togetherness,” said Andrew Shen, President of the MTCC. “We invite residents, associations, businesses, communities, and the general public to join us in this multicultural celebration, as it strengthens community harmony and fosters a deeper understanding of different cultures.”

With over 50,000 anticipated attendees, this year’s festival aims to provide a range of experiences for its visitors. The free event will feature an exciting entertainment program, including the Opening Ceremony, lion dancing, traditional and modern musical/dance performances, interactive games, and live demonstrations. Additionally, the festival is dedicated to being a waste-wise event, aligning with the MTCC’s environmental policies.

The Melbourne Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is an alcohol-free event open to residents, associations, businesses, and the general public. The venue is well connected to public transport – buses, trains, and trams offer easy access to the event. Parking is also available around the Box Hill CBD area.

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