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To take a break from the busy Melbourne city life, come to the beautiful suburb of Williamstown. This scenic suburb is just over the Westgate Bridge from the CBD.

Here you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the coastline, find some museums to explore and get a chance to relax in nature. If you want to spend more than an afternoon here, why not stay in any of the local boutique accommodation options; featuring many apartments and hotel rentals.

Williamstown Accommodation, Apartments & Hotel Rentals

If picnicking and gardens are what you’re looking for, then pay a visit to the Williamstown Botanic Gardens. These gardens are located just beside the Williamstown Beach. After enjoying a leisurely stroll at the beach front areas, sit back and relax here.

Paddling in the shallows of the beach is also enjoyed by many visitors who come to Williamstown in the warmer months.

Those visiting with kids can visit the ScienceWorks museum in nearby Spotswood. This museum has a stunning range of exhibits, interactive displays and hundreds of scientific exhibits. Kids will certainly have a fun-filled day out at this unique museum. The museum also offers many activity options; including live demonstrations, hands-on activities and interactive tours for kids of all ages.

Another popular attraction here is the Planetarium. The venue offers many interactive exhibits and activities for kids. Here, you can enjoy an awesome light and special effects show with the most stunning images of outer space.

For some history and touring, come to Melbourne’s first maritime museum at the Gem Pier. Enjoy exploring the exhibits and displays at this unique museum – with some things dating back to 1837. The Historic Nelson Place is another attraction for all history buffs.

Come and explore a diverse range of local arts and crafts and don’t forget to stop by the waterfront eateries for an enjoyable dining experience.

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