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Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Melbourne’s year-round balmy climate makes it a favourable destination all year round. This southern Australian city boasts a climate that locals often refer to as “four seasons in one day”.

Towards the end of summer, Melbourne can experience very high temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. However, the weather can change drastically quite quickly day.

Current & 7 Day Melbourne Weather Forecast

Frequent rainfall often keeps the climate cool and enjoyable. Tourists often prefer to visit the city in Autumn, which last from March to May. The weather is extremely pleasant during this season, with a few windy days and plenty of sunshine. Spring is also another good time to visit Melbourne, with Spring lasting from September to November.


Summer in Melbourne is typically warm and dry. Temperatures can vary drastically during this season, with afternoon showers cooling down the temperature. In contrast, winter can be quite cold. Melbourne does not experience snow (even in the coldest months), but in the dead of winter, a cold day typically sits around 12-14 degrees Celsius.

Backpackers and couples often prefer visiting Melbourne in winter. This is because of the discounted airfares and hotel prices during this tourist off-season. There are ski fields located just a few hours from the city that feature excellent ski slopes, snow-capped peaks and hiking trails. Winter nights can be very cold with chilled wind and morning fogs also very common.

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Weather Forecast