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St Kilda

St Kilda is a trendy suburb that sits only 3 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD. Whether you want to walk, cycle or catch a tram, St Kilda is easily accessible from the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Why not even save yourself the time and stay in the heart of it all in any of the accommodation choices, consisting of quality apartments, hotels and hostel rentals.

Most visitors to St Kilda come to eat, shop, drink or hang out on the beach. St Kilda is a suburb meant to be enjoyed, with visitors often exploring the many outdoor activities that are available each day.

St Kilda Accommodation, Apartments, Hotels & Hostel Rentals

Come and enjoy at the scenic St Kilda pier that offers the best views of the city’s skyline and bay area.

There are also many other activities to enjoy while in the area. Those who love fishing can take a private or group charter tour to enjoy some fishing from the middle of Port Phillip Bay. Roller blading, cycling and leisurely walks are also enjoyed here, as there are plenty of walking and bicycle tracks around the area.

St. Kilda is also known for the myriad of water activities offered at the beach. Sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing are some of the most popular activities available.

The area is also home to a pop-up arts and crafts market every Sunday. Visitors are encouraged to explore the market along the esplanade and enjoy browsing through the quaint stalls selling locally made arts and crafts.

For some historic attractions, explore the area’s top museums and galleries. Also, check out the historic St Kilda sea baths during your visit.

Make sure you check out the beach and esplanade areas and for a wonderful dining experience, and choose from the many restaurants that offer such cuisines as Mexican to fresh seafood.

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