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Melbourne’s list of attractions offers many options for youngsters; choices ranging from family-friendly fun parks to educational attractions like Scienceworks.

This science museum and planetarium is a must-visit destination for visitors of all ages; offering an array of unique exhibits and activities for kids and adults alike.

Scienceworks Melbourne, Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

When you enter Scienceworks, you’ll notice a vast array of exquisite exhibitions and interactive displays. With so many options to explore and enjoy, you and your kids will surely enjoy spending many hours here.

The venue is also home to a huge planetarium where you’ll get a chance to learn some of the fascinating facts about outer-space, kids will certainly love the special effects.

Scienceworks also offers a special exhibit showcasing the human body. This exhibit known as Sportsworks features over 20 small exhibits relevant to the human body, its anatomy and physiology. These informative exhibits allow kids to learn a lot about the human body, with adults learning about the difference between the bodies of athletes and a common person.

Come and experience live demonstrations at the Lightning Room. Here you will learn more about how lightning is formed and the facts behind it.

Also, stop by the Nitty Gritty Super City to explore a huge recycling factory; featuring many activity choices for young kids.

These educational exhibits will surely offer an informative and entertaining experience.


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What is the Scienceworks address?
What are the Scienceworks opening hours?
What are the Scienceworks entry prices?
Scienceworks only
Adult: $15.00
Child (to 16 yrs): Free
Concession: Free

Planetarium Show
Adult: $8.00
Child (to 16 yrs): $5.00
Concession: $5.00

Lightning Room Show
Adult: $8.00
Child (to 16 yrs): $5.00
Concession: $5.00

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What is the Scienceworks phone number?

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