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Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol

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At the Old Melbourne Gaol, you’ll get an opportunity to explore a real 19th-century prison – the oldest prison of the city. This historic site was once a part of Melbourne’s law and order system and is home to the city’s oldest prison, a police watchhouse and magistrates court.

Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour Prices, History & Map

In the past, some of the nation’s top criminals were inmates of this goal; including the infamous and iconic bushranger Ned Kelley and notorious gangster Squizzy Taylor.

Those taking a tour will get the chance to visit the cells of these infamous inmates. General admission tickets offer each guest a chance to explore the entire premises of the gaol and learn more about the history of this amazing area.

History depicts the significance of this Old Gaol. In total, the gaol had 133 hangings; including the famous execution of Ned Kelley. A cast of Kelly’s face was on display at the gaol in the mid-1970s. After its closure and during the renovations, many remains of Ned Kelley were stolen from the gaol.

Those looking for a thrilling experience can take a night-time tour of the Gaol. This guided tour includes an evening or night tour to the Watch House and the trial court. The tour will also take you to all three levels of the execution area; including the display area of Ned Kelly’s Deathmask.


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