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CityLink is Melbourne’s network of freeways that spans a distance of approximately 22kms. The tollways consist of the North end (Citilink) which includes the Tullamarine Freeway, West Gate Freeway & Calder Freeway and the Eastern side ( Eastlink) which consists of the Monash Freeway.

In recent times, there have been several refurbishments of the Tullamarine Freeway in north-west Melbourne, as well as the building of two tunnels; the Burnley and Domain tunnels which were aimed at providing seamless transport solutions. Visitors in Melbourne should be aware that there is a fully automated tolling system which means that you will not see any toll booths along the freeways.

Citylink & Eastlink Passes & Tolls, Melbourne VIC

Tolls are chargeable at select points along the freeways. As there are no toll booths along the freeways, a pass is required prior to travelling on CityLink. Visitors are advised to check with Citylink’s website to be well-versed with the various charges along the tolled freeways.

The tolled road is very modern and well maintained. In fact, when an accident occurs, the automated system detects a disruption on the network and sends a message to the control centre. After this, an emergency response is initiated and a rescue vehicle sent to the accident scene.

For visitors driving in Melbourne, it is important to take note of the cost of using the tolled network. Typically, the tolls are worked out depending on the road sections used. This also varies depending on the kind of vehicle used. Different rates are present for personal vehicles, motorbikes as well as commercial vehicles (both light and heavy).

To use CityLink, it is advisable to buy the pass a couple of days prior to travel in order to ensure seamless travel. However, if you accidentally drive on one of the tollways without a pass, you have 24 hours to purchase a pass in order to avoid a fine.

All payments can be made using a credit card online, or select petrol stations can accept cash as they have machines where you can purchase a toll voucher. All you need to purchase a toll ticket is the date of travel, where you intend to travel to, and the registration and type of vehicle.

There is a support forum on the network’s website where visitors can get additional help.

Current prices for tollways (travelling in a car):
24 hour Pass: $16.30
Weekend Pass: $16.30
Melbourne Pass: $5.50 + $0.75 per trip on Citilink

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