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Melbourne Fashion Festival

Melbourne Fashion Festival

Melbourne’s fabulous list of events also includes something for fashion lovers. When autumn hits the city, Melbourne celebrates the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Formerly known as the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, famous fashion designers and enthusiastic visitors come here to enjoy the festival.

Melbourne Fashion Festival, 2024 Dates, Event Locations & Ticket Prices

This unique annual festival includes a series of runway events that showcase the latest collections of the top fashion designers around Australia. Every year, the schedule is packed with runway shows, fashion displays and even special couture clothing shows.

Furthermore, the festival includes many programs that reflect design, film, art and contemporary culture. Visitors can also join this event and enjoy the fashion runways. You can always expect to see some of the top designers and trends from top stylists and designers nationwide.

Every year, the event welcomes local celebrities as guests of honour. In addition, the event also features fantastic live entertainment, exclusive VIP parties and many other activity options.

There is so much going on over this 10-day festival to capture in this short post.


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    • Hi Sue,

      It appears that Priceline will be running a Beauty School this year at Festival Plaza at the Melbourne Museum Precinct. They are offering personalised consultation, foundation colour matching, make-overs, product recommendations and makeup for sale.

      Date & Time
      7 March: 5pm – 10pm
      8 – 11 March: 4pm – 11pm
      12 – 13 March: 11am – 10pm

      Enjoy the MFF!


Where is the Melbourne Fashion Festival located?
What is the Melbourne Fashion Festival address?
Including: NGV International The Capitol State Library of Victoria The Timber Yard, Docklands, VIC

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What are the Melbourne Fashion Festival entry prices?
What is the Melbourne Fashion Festival phone number?

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