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Afl Anzac Day


Essendon vs Collingwood have the biggest rivalry in AFL history, and the time has come again for the massive AFL ANZAC Day clash!

In 2024, the game will be held on April 25th at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and typically starts around 3 p.m.

2024 AFL ANZAC Day Essendon vs Collingwood Clash Game Tickets

ANZAC Day is special to all Australians. Millions of Australians commemorate the anniversary of the first significant military pairing of Australian and New Zealand forces fighting together during the First World War. Australia and New Zealand observe this event every year; this special day is marked by a public holiday. Past and serving members are honoured on this prestigious day by the Australian Government and all members of the public.

In honour of this special day, the AFL hosted the first ANZAC Day clash in 1995, with two of the biggest teams in the AFL competing, the Essendon Bombers and the Collingwood Magpies. Each year, the stadium packs out with over 90,000 supporters for this huge match where the spirit of the ANZACS is celebrated by two rival teams coming together in solidarity.

Before the match commences, a special ANZAC Day service will include music from servicemen and women, a flag-flying ceremony, the “Last Post,” and the Australian National Anthem.

After the match, a best-on-the-ground medal is awarded to the player who demonstrated the ANZAC spirit during the game of skill, courage, self-sacrifice, teamwork and fair play.


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