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Carlton Italian Festa

Carlton Italian Festa

Unfortunately, due to the current Victoria COVID-19 restrictions, the summer edition of the Melbourne Italian Festa scheduled on November 14, 2021, cannot be held. However, there is a scheduled new date of April 3, 2022, for a bigger Festa along the whole of Lygon St – just like the great Festa’s of the past!

The Carlton Italian Festa, also known as La Dolce Italia or the Lygon Street Fiesta, is a melting pot that showcases Italy’s diverse culture in Melbourne.

The celebration of Italy’s culture brings together locals of Italian descent as well as those who are interested in Italy’s culture. With great stage entertainment and a craft market on the location where visitors can get souvenirs, the Fiesta is a fun place to be when in Melbourne.

Carlton Italian Festa 2023 Dates, Lygon St Italian Festival, Melbourne

The carnival rides are an attraction for many visitors looking for fun. There are also plenty of cultural activities and an extensive collection of Italian antiquities on display. If you are a coffee drinker then you will be spoilt for choice as Italians truly are the connoisseur of all things coffee.

As with any great festival, the presence of food is the hallmark of a people’s culture, and the Carlton Italian Festa is no different. Sample a range of Italian cuisine at the festival including freshly-made pizza or authentic lasagne and top it up with a decadent dessert and a great wine.

You will also find plenty of musical performances and DJ’s will turn up the music when the sun goes down to keep the festival atmosphere going!

Typically, when the Carlton Italian Festa commences, both ends of the street are closed down to make space for the cafes, food stalls and shops that remain open for the period of the festival. So those looking to travel to the event should be mindful of these road closures which will disrupt the traffic.

So come and check out this great festival and experience all the things that are great about Italy.


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