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Moorabbin Airport

Melbourne is also served by another airport in the south-eastern suburbs, known as the Moorabbin Airport (or Harry Hawker Airport). Unlike the other airports in Melbourne, this one is a general aviation airport used for light aircraft operations.

This airport was opened back in 1949 and was originally called ‘Mentone airport’. However, the name was changed as it sounded quite similar to the French airport ‘Menton’. Later on, the name was changed by the local government and they decided to use a name that sounds familiar and Australian.

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Moorabbin Airport features five runways which intersect each other. In addition, the airport has an air museum, a control tower and the famous Royal Victorian Aero Club. There are terminals and several flight training companies.

Passengers can use local train and bus services to reach Moorabbin Airport. The Monash Freeway and Eastlink also provides close access from the city to Moorabbin Airport.

Recently, a new project was introduced for the renovation of this local airport. Based on this new plan, the airport will be renovated to include many new features and improved infrastructure that includes a new retail outlet on the 4.8 hectares of airport land; located at the corner of Boundary Road and Centre Dandenong Road.

66 Bundora Parade
Menton, VIC

03 8587 8000

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