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Swan Street
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Swan Street, Richmond

The suburb of Richmond is a major shopping, dining and nightlife hub just outside the city; with this vibrant area boasting some of the most popular restaurants and pubs.

Whether it’s French cuisine, Mexican or Indian that you’re fond of, you’ll find all sorts of restaurants on Swan Street.

Swan Street, Richmond Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

On Swan Street, there are plenty of casual and lively dining venues. You can find small restaurants serving light lunches and delectable brunch items. Furthermore, there are many formal dining options here on this street. Choices range from pizza, French cafés, steak houses and alfresco dining venues.

Whether you want meat, seafood or vegetarian dishes, you will find many great restaurants choices at Swan Street.

Indulge in a vibrant nightlife setting at any of the bars and pubs along the street. Try a hand-made cocktail, local wine or a ice-cold beer with your friends.

Swan Street
Richmond, VIC

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