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Comedy Theatre
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Comedy Theatre

Are you interested in watching a hilarious show while in Melbourne? Then look no further! Come to Melbourne’s famous Comedy Theatre for an enjoyable show.

This lively theatre welcomes guests of all ages to come and watch a riotous show at one of the city’s best live entertainment venues.

The Comedy Theatre Melbourne, Seating Plan & Shows

This theatre is one of the oldest venues in Melbourne, having been established in 1928. As Melbourne was a primary Europeans back in the day, you’ll notice a lot of European flavours and influences in the architecture of the Comedy Theatre.

First, you’ll see a completely European themed exterior that resembles a Florentine palace, with the unique interiors showcasing influences of Spanish architecture. Even after so many years, the Comedy Theatre still has its original structure and interior design. When you enter, you’ll see beautiful Spanish interiors with a European style balcony seating, foyer and an elegant staircase with carpets.

Popular shows that have been hosted here include Menopause the Musical, Waiting for Godot, Avenue Q, The Rocky the Horror Picture Show and Rock of Ages.

Apart from its renowned list of full comedic productions, the theatre also hosts a range of live entertainment and stand up comedy shows.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne.

240 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, VIC

Opening Hours
Operating hours vary according to the event.

Phone Number
(03) 9299 4950

Email Address
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