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Brewery Tours
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Brewing courses, beer tasting and brewery tours are gaining popularity just as the winery and wine tasting tours in Melbourne. Visitors are also showing interest in such tours and educational courses held at different breweries in Melbourne. Those interested in taking this tour can check out all options of beer tasting tours available in Melbourne. Beer making is an art – in fact, a glass of beer is more than just grabbing a cold can on a hot sunny day. You can take part in an informative guided tour to many of the breweries in Melbourne.

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These tours will take you on a tasting journey and a tour. During your tour, you will see the beer-making facility, learn more about the brewing process and flavor development options. Just like wine making, beer making also requires patience and experience. Popular brewers in the city will give you an overview about the complexity and flavor profile in beer making. In addition, you will get to taste some of the best beers and ciders at these breweries.

This special brewery tour starts from the Melbourne City Centre. The tour highlights are the Yarra Valley Cider and the Ale Trail Tour. Guests can take either the tours or just one based on their interest. Each tour offers guests an exclusive insight to three to four breweries, tasting and lunch.

The Aussie Brewery Tours are some of the most popular brewery tours conducted in the city. Beer lovers can tour breweries, enjoy ciders and learn more about the beer making process. Experienced guides will accompany you all through your tours. This tour includes transport, food and beer tasting. The tour includes a few popular breweries in Melbourne. As a beer drinking nation, Australia has introduced a number of experienced and award-winning brewers in the past decades. With a tour like this, you and your friends will get an opportunity to interact with some of the best brewers in Victoria.

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