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Melbourne General Cemetery

Melbourne General Cemetery Touring Melbourne General Cemetery is a must for those who love history, heritage, and ancient architecture. This historically significant cemetery welcomes guests of all categories for an exploratory tour. Melbourne General Cemetery has been serving for the last 155 years. It was on 28th of May in 1853, when the first burial […]

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Altona Homestead

Altona Homestead The Altona Homestead is a must-visit destination for all history buffs in Melbourne. In fact, this is the oldest homestead nestled in this region. History depicts Altona Homestead was built in 1842 on the designated areas of R.J. Logan Reserve. Two of the notable and first settlers of Altona, Alfred and Sarah owned […]

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Rialto Towers

Amongst all Melbournian skyscrapers, the Rialto Towers is one of the tallest concrete structures. This reinforced establishment is also one amongst the tallest towers in the entire southern hemisphere. The beautiful building features two towers linked together with a small development. Visitors to Melbourne are encouraged to come here to witness the city’s vibrant skyline […]

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Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage Melbourne’s serene and picturesque Fitzroy Gardens is home to the renowned Cook’s Cottage. This historic establishment dates back to the year 1755. History depicts the original cottage was actually built in England. Later, Sir Russell purchased it as a gift for the Melbournians and the State of Victoria. In 1934, the cottage was […]

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Station Pier

Station Pier Station Pier or Railway Pier was a vital part of Melbourne since 1854. After its inauguration in that year, the pier became a major arrival spot. In fact, it was the pier from where Australian troop left for wars. Therefore, the Station Pier became an essential part of the city of Melbourne from […]

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City Baths

City Baths Melbourne City Baths is an ultimate destination for all fitness lovers. In fact, this is the city’s favourite fitness and wellbeing centre. Don’t get fooled by the vintage look of this heritage building. Melbourne’s City Baths is listed under Australia’s top heritage-listed buildings. The venue offers a diverse range of facilities for all […]

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Melbourne Attractions & Things To Do, Australia

Melbourne offers a range of attractions and activities for you to explore. This is indeed the place where you will find varieties in everything. When it comes to tourist attractions, Melbourne offers award-winning arts and cultural venues, top wineries, awesome entertainment options, and renowned shopping arcades for you to explore. In short, choices are close to endless. Visitors will also come across some historic architecture, parks, and gardens in this vibrant urban metropolitan.

Start your Melbourne vacation with a city sightseeing tour. Enjoy exploring the city’s laneways and byways while touring the best neighbourhoods in Melbourne. The St.Kilda area, Waterfront Precinct in Docklands, and the Federation Square are some of the most popular provinces in the city. Each area boasts beautiful galleries, museums, arts and cultural centres, and family fun centres. However, family activities at nature and wildlife centre always atop the list.

While exploring the streets in Melbourne, check out the chic cafes, local restaurants, fine-dine food joints, and fashion boutiques. You will surely be surprised to see some unique venues at each corner of the city. Sports enthusiasts will surely be excited to know that Melbourne is the playground of many international and renowned cricket, soccer, and tennis players. If you are in the city during a major tournament, don’t miss watching it at Melbourne’s sports precinct, international stadiums and the MCG ground. Other sporting events held in Melbourne include some internationally renowned motor racing and horse racing events.

Every year, Melbournians welcome tourists and guests from all parts of the world to join the city’s festival fever. The city celebrates everything from food and wine fests to cultural and art fests. The celebrations include filming events, fashion shows, national memorial events, and even ethnic festivals, including the most famous Chinese New Year’s fest. No wonder, local events are a major part of the city’s list of top tourist attractions.

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