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Photography Tours
By Gentry George, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Photography Tours

Photography is an art. To master this field, every person needs to take part in various photography tours and sessions. Even in Melbourne, there are a plenty of options for all avid photographers. You will find excellent photography tours to Melbourne’s art centre, galleries, old mansions and even scenic coastal destinations. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose one tour out of these available ones. However, finding a suitable one is not that difficult if you know what is exactly you want. Come and join a professional photography tour or just a beginner’s educational tour for some hands-on experience on photography.

Photography Tours Melbourne, Day & Night Walking Tours

Melbourne tour operators offer special photo safaris for both novice and experienced photographers. You can join a group or opt for a private tour based on your preference. Bring your camera, tripod and lenses and board the motor coach to set out on your photography tour. Some of the notable venues included in the tour is the Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens and the Art Centre, galleries, old mansions and even some waterfront precincts near to Docklands. Some tours also offer workshops, custom-designed for both beginners and experienced photographers.

Professional photographers will accompany you during your tour and workshop. They will give you, tips, ideas and tricks on excellent photography too. Some tours will also take you on the scenic route to the Great Ocean Road. These trips are multi-day photography trips that include many stops to coastal towns, quaint villages and beautiful wineries. Photographers will be given enough time to spend for each area and take pictures. Multi-day photo safaris also include lodging and food options for all guests. In fact, you always have the choice to custom-design your photography tours based on your preference and interests. Select either the entry level or the intermediate level to learn and master photography while in Melbourne.

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