Ian Potter Gallery

At the Ian Potter Gallery, you will get the chance to explore over 25,000 art works from many of Australia’s talented artists.

The NGV collection at this gallery includes a varied range of art works; from decorative arts, paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles, fashion accessories, crafts and drawings.

Ian Potter Gallery, Melbourne Cafe & Opening Times

The Ian Potter Gallery was the first public art museum that features only Australian art. Some of the gallery’s most notable collections include the Australian Indigenous art, historic crafts, sculptures and an array of significant paintings.

The gallery also hosts an array of temporary exhibitions for Aboriginal art works and craft. The objectives of the Ian Potter Gallery is to offer visitors an opportunity to explore the cultural diversity of Australia.

You will see a range of artworks from several local artists and a number of renowned Aussie artists; including Judy Watson, Uta, Emily Kngwarray and Barak.

Visitors don’t need to pay an admission fee for this gallery and visitors can enjoy a sweet treat and refreshing drinks at the Potter Espresso Bar.

Enthusiastic artists are welcome to participate in the exhibitions and exchange projects. Many university students and young artists often come to this gallery to promote their own artworks and paintings. In fact, the Potter Gallery works towards promoting such young individuals artistic talents.

Ian Potter Gallery Information

NGV Australia, Federation Square,
Cnr Russell & Flinders Streets,
Melbourne, VIC
 Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm
Phone: (03) 8620 2222
Email: [email protected]
 Ticket Prices/Admission:

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