National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria
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Visit the National Gallery of Victoria whilst in Melbourne. This famous museum offers two magnificent galleries featuring hundreds of breathtaking artworks and paintings from notable artists across the globe. Both of these galleries are located just a short walk apart; within the famous Melbourne arts precinct.

Visitors are welcome to explore these free galleries that boast a wonderful array of enduring collections.

The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Opening Hours

Collections include a number of works from international artists; such as Bordone, Bernini, Manet, Correggio, Turner, Uccello, Rodin and many other famous artists. Some of the superb collections of the local artists include the famous art works of Australia’s indigenous people and a number of art pieces dating back to the Colonial Era.

Apart from its wide range of permanent collections, the NGV hosts a number of special exhibitions as well. Enthusiastic artists are invited to participate and learn more about cultural and traditional art by taking part in the gallery’s ongoing programs and educational training.

Art enthusiasts will be excited know that the gallery boasts over 70,000 permanent collections of many local renowned and international artists.

This popular gallery is nestled in the famous St Kilda Road district and visitors can access the gallery from the Yarra River junction or Federation Square. This iconic art gallery is truly a must-visit destination for all art lovers.

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National Gallery of Victoria Information

180 St. Kilda Rd,
Melbourne, VIC
 Operating Hours:
Sunday-Monday (10am to 5pm)
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday-Saturday (10am to 5pm)
Phone: (03) 8620 2222
Email: [email protected]
  Ticket Prices/Admission:
General entry is free

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