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Treasury Gardens
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Treasury Gardens

Melbourne’s CBD is also home to a serene and small garden known as Treasury Gardens. This lush garden sits right on the corner of Fitzroy Gardens that adjoins Spring Street.

Many community events and private functions are held here, as well as being used as a recreation facility for those who live on the east side of the CBD.

Treasury Gardens, BBQ & Playground Address, Melbourne

The lush setting of boasts a variety of shrubs and trees, and you’ll find a multitude of birds and brush-tail possums within the parkland. The gardens also boasts an ornamental pond that features a monument for President John F. Kennedy, the Robert Burns memorial and the memorial statue of Sir William Clarke. Within the garden, there is also a large embankment that showcases statues of various Victorian politicians.

Nearby landmarks include the popular Parliament House and the old Treasury building. Since the gardens create a green landscape among the concrete jungle of the CBD, many office workers and corporates escape here during the week for lunch or simply to take a walk.

As a number of high-end hotels are found near these gardens and many hotel guests come here for a relaxing stroll. A number of notable native tree species are found within this garden, with prominent tree species including the bay fig, cedar, elm, eucalyptus, oak, red gum and pine.

Furthermore, the gardens are also home to beautiful shrubs and flowering plants.

2 - 18 Spring Street
East Melbourne, VIC

Operating Hours
24 hours

(03) 9658 9658

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