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Waterfront City
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Waterfront City

Melbourne’s waterfront in the Docklands precinct offers ample restaurants, entertainment and shopping options for guests of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for a place to dine, shop or take a leisurely stroll, then come to Melbourne’s renowned Waterfront City and discover what it has to offer.

Waterfront City Docklands Restaurants & Marina

Plan a day out to exploring this beautiful shopping district in Melbourne. Waterfront City features some excellent choices of entertainment, shopping, retail and leisure options. The venue is home to designer stores, jewelry shops, fashion boutiques and open markets.

The famous Harbour Town Shopping Centre is also located within the area. In addition to this shopping centre, Waterfront City also boasts a Costco. This giant bulk marketplace offers excellent grocery, foods, home wares, furniture, clothing and jewelry items at wholesale prices.

Shopping is not the only activity that you can enjoy at Waterfront City. The area offers excellent choices of family entertainment and fun options for guests of all ages. There is even an ice rink at the Medibank Icehouse where guests can enjoy ice skating all-year-round.

429-437 Docklands Drive
Melbourne, VIC

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03 8628 6000

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