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Australia is home to one of the world’s best cricket grounds, The Melbourne Cricket Ground – known to the locals as the MCG). The MCG is located in Richmond, just 3 kilometres from the CBD and is the most popular sporting venue in Victoria.

This world-class sports stadium hosts a number of international cricket matches, AFL games (notably the AFL Grand Final), as well as many other sporting events & concerts. In fact, this is the largest cricket stadium in the world.

Melbourne Cricket Ground Seating Plan, AFL & Cricket Layout Map

Those interested in attending a match at the MCG can either catch a train to Richmond station, or you can walk, as it is only a 20 minute walk from Flinders Street Station.

Amongst locals, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is popularly known as the “G” and is one of the most iconic structures in Australia.

Apart from cricket, the MCG also hosts a number of athletic and international sporting events. In 2006, the MCG was the primary stadium of the Commonwealth Games and the MCG was a primary venue for the Olympics in 1956.

A large number of Australian Football League (AFL) games are played here every week and the AFL Grand Final, held in September, draws close to a hundred thousands spectators. Millions more watch the AFL Grand Final from their homes as the game is broadcast live on TV.

The MCG has also played host to many huge concerts from some of the biggest stars on the planet including; Michael Jackson, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. Millions of people pack the MCG each year for a variety of events.

The stadium features a massive seating capacity – more than any other ground in the country; accommodating up to 100,000 spectators. During event days, the stadium also offers food and drink kiosks, where visitors can find an array of light snacks, drinks and a variety of fast food options.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the MCG in Melbourne.

Click the link below and make sure you book your accommodation ahead of time – hotels do sell out and prices can increase dramatically!

Brunton Avenue
Richmond, VIC

Operating Hours
National Sports Museum: 10am - 5pm
MCG Tours: 10am - 3pm

(03) 9657 8888

[email protected]

Ticket Prices / Admission
Varies depending on event.


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  • We intend attending MCG Boxing Day test 2017 and are unsure of the best position (what stand etc.) in which to book. We will be coming via tram route 70 from Docklands and wonder what the most convenient stand (Gates) would be, bearing in mind length of walk from tram station, and which row would give the most shade throughout the days. Also, when do the sale of tickets open for the general public?? Any advice/information would be most gratefully received. Many thanks from two longtime cricket fans!! Lois and Colin McGough.

    • Hi Lois and Colin,

      Any where on the Ponsford Stand is well shaded throughout the day, but note that you will get the morning sun during day games (Gate 1)

      The top deck of the Olympic Stand closer to the members is generally shaded as well (Gate 3). The afternoon sun will effect you through out the Great Southern Stand and near the Olympic stand score board.

      I would book the Ponsford Stand, just a 10 minute walk from the tram stop.

      Enjoy the Boxing Day test 2017!
      Kind regards,

      • Many thanks Jess for your prompt reply. Will take your advice re the Ponsford Stand but wonder if you have information on booking (when and where). We are from New Zealand and are at a total loss as to where and when (especially when) to book. We are reasonably computer literate. Can’t thank you enough for your reply as we are two longtime VERY staunch cricket fans, both for Australia and NZ. Our very sincere thanks again. Lois and Colin

        • No problems. Cricket Australia has not yet announced when the 2017 tickets will go on sale, however in 2016 they went on sale in around October.

          You can purchase your tickets through Ticketek or through the Cricket Australia website.

          I recommend signing up with either (or both) as they often have ticket alerts when big events go on sale. Also, Ticketek often has pre-sale tickets for people who subscribe. These are free services, so don’t sign up to anything that wants to charge you.

          I hope this helps.
          Kind regards,

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