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Melbourne has been a major destination for Chinese people since the times of the gold rush. So the city offers a vast history of Chinese culture – in addition to many other cultures.

The Chinese cultural society of Melbourne, in collaboration with the Melbourne city council, had come up with the idea to start a museum dedicated to the Chinese culture.

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This Chinese Australian History Museum was established back in 1985, and in 2011, the Chinese youth society of Melbourne included a memorial statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen at the entrance of the museum. This was also the year when the republic of China celebrated its 100th anniversary of constitution.

This beautiful museum is home to popular and unique Chinese exhibits, rare collections of Chinese artifacts and many unique displays. Each of the museum’s exhibits are original and history enthusiasts will be happy to see real handcrafted Chinese shadow puppets from the Shaanxi Province. This unique and popular exhibit is presented with the support of the Chinese Gateway program and the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne.

The museum is also home to an extensive collection of Chinese textiles, documents, clothing and original photographs. In fact, this Melbourne-based museum is home to two of the largest Chinese dragons in the world.

Come and explore the rare collections of Chinese culture right here in the heart of Melbourne, with rare and beautifully handcrafted shadow puppets, handmade pottery items, unique crafts and art works.

Chinese Museum Information

22 Cohen Place,
Melbourne, VIC
 Operating Hours:
10am - 5pm
Phone: (03) 9662 2888
Email: [email protected]
 Ticket Prices/Admission:
Adult: $10
Concession: $8.50
Child (Under 6yrs): Free
Family (2Ad + 3Ch): $24.50

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