Fitzroy Gardens

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Fitzroy Gardens is not only valued for their aesthetic, architectural and historic significance, but also for their unique setting and many attractions.

At the Fitzroy Gardens, there is plenty to see and do. Some of the most notable attractions at these gardens include Cooks Cottage, the Conservatory, the Carved Fairy’s tree, Sinclair’s cottage, English Elm avenue, model Tudor Village, ornamental follies and the Scarred tree.

Fitzroy Gardens – Cafe & Conservatory Parking Address & Map

Each of these attractions has its own significance and uniqueness. While the conservatory and Cooks cottage are the most visited attractions, visitors shouldn’t miss exploring the other attractions. Throughout the lush gardens, you will come across interesting statues, well-maintained fountains and many fascinating sculptures.

When it comes to the horticultural significance, the Fitzroy Gardens feature Elm-tree lined pathways, a variety of native and exotic flora and flowering plants. Spending few hours at these gardens is highly recommended for all nature lovers. While most of the remains and sculptures are original, the Cooks Cottage is the only thing that came from outside of Australia.

The gardens and conservatory are maintained and restored from time to time. Therefore, even after so many years the gardens are still in their original condition. Even at the Cooks Cottage, you will see original furnishings and items used by the early dwellers of the cottage.

Visitors who love history will also find something interesting here. Come and learn more about the glorious life of Captain Cook and his famous voyage at Cooks’ cottage.

Fitzroy Gardens Information

230-298 Wellington Pde,
East Melbourne, VIC
 Operating Hours:
24 hrs
Phone: (03) 9658 9658
Email: [email protected]
 Ticket Prices/Admission:

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