Bike Tours

Bike Tours

Ideally, Melbourne’s climate and favourable roads offer an excellent opportunity for all visitors to explore the city by taking bike tours. The city also offers a number of scenic bike trails that all avid bikers can take and enjoy. If you are looking for a bike tour to explore Melbourne, then you will be happy to know that there are excellent bike tours offered here in this city.

Bike Tours Melbourne – Guided Bicycle Tours City & CBD

Group tours are also offered for both small and large groups. Private tours can also be arranged upon request. Most of these tours last for a little over 4 hours. These tours include a light lunch with beverages served at a pre-decided venue. Top highlights of this tour are city sightseeing, scenic bike trails and lookouts. In addition, the tour also includes visit to top museums and art galleries in town. If you are interested in taking a scenic trail, then check out the bike tours to the Great Ocean Road.

Most of these Melbourne city bike tours include the 30-km trail along the Capital city trail. This trail includes some of the most famous landmarks of the city. The loop includes Docklands, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Dights Falls, Melbourne Zoo and the Como House. Bikers will get a chance to stop and explore at each point of interest along this trail. Scenic trails from the St Kilda Beach are some of the best bike trails in the city. Tour operators guide the bikers group along a scenic trail to the gorgeous Half Moon Bay. You can stop at any of those lookouts and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Melbourne on a bike tour is enjoyed by a number of bikers. For serious bikers, the scenic tour to the Great Ocean Road is highly recommended. Even the food on a bike tour to Port Phillip Bay and other wineries is an ideal choice for all cycling aficionados.

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