Crime Tours

Crime Tours

To learn more about Melbourne’s notorious criminals and crime events, you should take one of the Melbourne Crime Tours. These tours will take you on a journey to give you an overview about some notable crime events that occurred in Melbourne.

Go West Tours are some of the most popular Melbourne Crime Tours offered. These tours include sites and landmarks within the city that had the bloodiest confrontations in the past. Most of these tours last for more than an hour, so you will get the opportunity to discover the real crime scenes and locations within Melbourne during these tours.

Melbourne Underworld & Crime Scene Tours

These guided tours will take you to some of the traditional landmarks in the city. Your tour guide will give you more information on the vicious criminals and sinister events that occurred in the city. The tour starts at Melbourne’s city centre and ends at the Melbourne City Watch House.

Take the guided walk to explore all filming locations that were once used to televise the aftermaths of some of the most terrorising events in Melbourne. This tour includes expert guides and participants of the tour are welcome to ask questions and learn more about the motivated violent crimes and slaughters that happened in the city. You will also uncover some disturbing facts about those events that took lives of many innocent bystanders and victims.

Tours are offered on weekdays and weekends. Check out the link below for a full list of tour available in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs such as Coburg (Pentridge Prison), Williamstown and Point Cook. By clicking the link, you will be given further information specific to each tour as to prices, dates, times, duration and locations.

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  • Can I have some more information on the Melbourne crime walking tour please? Where the tour leaves from, timings, price and how to purchase tickets.
    Thank you for your assistance

  • Hey. Can I have more information on the Melbourne crime walking tour please? Where it leaves from ? Times? Prices ?
    Thank you, Kirsty

    • Hi Kirsty,

      There are a number of tours which leave from all over Melbourne, however I have included a link to one of the more popular tours of Pentridge Prison for you here.

      The price is $36 per person and the tour leaves from Pentridge Prison, D Division, at the corner of Urquhart Street and Wardens Walk South, Coburg. The tour runs for 2 hours and leaves at 7.30pm or 9.30pm.