Shopping Tours

Shopping Tours

Shopping opportunities in Melbourne offer a number of types of experiences to all shoppers. You will experience luxury outlet shopping, bargain shopping at markets and retail shopping at Melbourne’s top fancy malls. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to cover it all, then take the Melbourne shopping tour for much enjoyable experience. Your shopping tour will take you to the Queen Victoria Market, the fancy malls in Melbourne for retail therapy tours and upscale boutiques for a luxury shopping experience.

Melbourne Shopping Bus Tours & Outlet Shopping Spree

When you take this tour, you don’t have to take the hassle of getting there. Just enjoy the tour by taking a relaxing mini-bus tour to some of the elite and rustic shopping locations in Melbourne. Guests can also book a private tour for their group or family. Choices of shopping tours include market tours, factory outlet tours and shopaholic’s exotic adventure tours. Some tours will also take you to more than 15 factory outlets and warehouses where you will find great brands of clothing, shoes and accessories. For a thrilling bargained shopping, go to the markets in Melbourne.

Shop around and enjoy bargain prices on clothing, crafts, accessories and souvenirs. If you want to have an ultimate shopping experience, then take the full-day shopping trip to Melbourne’s most popular shopping centers and retail shops. Some stores and retail outlets offer more than 70 percent discount on specific brands of clothing, fragrance and accessories. Your tour organizer will take you to some popular stores, boutiques and wine shops in the city. You will also get an access to some of the hidden shops and arcades in the city. Your tour organizer will receive a commission of 10 percent of the total amount you spend during your shopping trip. After your enjoyable shopping trip, you will enjoy some relaxing time at the Caffe Mediterraneum in Melbourne.

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    • Hi Sharon,

      I have attached a link here to a great Melbourne Shopping tour for you which offers great bargains, includes lunch with champagne, has door to door pickup and drop off and takes you to a number of hard to find discount warehouses.

      All you have to do is follow the link and book online!

      Have a great day out in the nations shopping capital, Melbourne!