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Melbourne Boutique Hotels
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Boutique Hotels

Melbourne is a popular tourist destination any time of the year and it offer visitors with plenty of accommodation choices. Those looking for boutique accommodation will be excited to know that the city has many luxury hotels, boutique resorts, bed and breakfasts and beachfront apartments to choose from.

Below are some options of the best boutique hotels that the city has to offer.

Boutique Hotels Melbourne, Luxury Hotel CBD & City

If you are interested in staying at a luxurious property, many boutique hotels have excellent guest rooms that offer spacious settings, eye-catching decors and a wide range of amenities. Most hotels offer complementary Wi-Fi, in-room entertainment options and beautifully decorated guest lounges and common areas.

Port Melbourne is also home to beautiful upscale hotels. Visitors will find luxurious suites that can comfortably accommodate up to six guests. These properties also have onsite cafes and fine-dining restaurants.

So whether you’re interested in enjoying a full 3 course meal or a chef’s special treat, these boutique restaurants will offer an enjoyable dining experience. Most of these upscale hotels also offer in-room and in-hotel spa services.

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