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Bendigo might not excite those who love large cities, however, is a gem for history lovers. There are impressive Victorian buildings, old mansions, vintage tram tours and old gold mines for you to explore.

When you spend some time here, you’ll fall in love with this historic quaint city. Plan a day trip to Bendigo or stay here for a day or two to see what the town has to offer. Bendigo gives you an insight into the local art, food, culture, wine and history.

Bendigo Activities, Day Trip & Tours Melbourne

Bendigo was once known for its gold mines; when a century ago, many people came to this area in search of gold. During the Gold rush period in the late 1850s, the spot was a popular destination among many early settlers. Today, tourists can still take a mine tour to explore the central Deborah Gold Mine.

Those who love a good winery tour should also come to Bendigo. The Balgownie winery is one of the most popular estates known for wine tasting experiences. Another winery is the Sandhurst Ridge Winery.

Museum and art gallery enthusiasts can explore the Royal Academy of Arts; a gallery offering amazing exhibits and artifacts.

Visitors can also consider a tram tour (also known as the Bendigo Vintage Talking Tram tour) to explore the city and its most popular points of interest and attractions.

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