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Visiting the Grampians is always on the list of all avid outdoor enthusiasts. This tourist destination offers everything; such as hiking, nature walks, trekking, and camping opportunities for guests.

This beautiful region is home to the majestic Grampians Ranges, superb national parks and diverse nature. Photographers and nature lovers often flock to the Grampians to enjoy some a scenic tour, wildlife watching and the breathtaking views.

Grampians Day Trip & Tour

Take your time and explore the region at your own pace. You can enjoy the trails on foot, take a cycle tour or even a 4WD tour.

The Grampians National Park is a must-visit for all guests. Here, you can relax, enjoy fresh air, check out the stunning views and experience the huge range of outdoor activities. This park is also home to some Aboriginal rock art sites that date back to the early settlers’ time.

Wildlife watching is another popular activity enjoyed at the Grampians. Guests can take bird watching and animal trails to see native Australian animals in their natural habitat.

The Grampians region is also famous for cellar door wine tasting tours. Visitors are welcome to tour and taste the regional wines at any of the local cellar doors. Grampians wineries produce some of the best tasting sparkling wines and outstanding cool-climate table wines.

Halls Gap Zoo is another popular attraction in this area where you can bring your kids for an enjoyable day out. Explore the animal and bird exhibits; featuring more than 140 native and exotic mammals, birds and reptiles.

For an adventurous hiking experience, explore the Little Desert National Park. See rugged terrains, rock art sites, vibrant wildflower trails and picturesque cascading waterfalls.

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