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Rap Jumping

If you are looking for a fun activity to enjoy whilst in Melbourne, take a thrilling Rap Jumping adventure right here in the CBD.

Rap Jumping is a form of building abseiling where you can rappel down the side of a building at a fast speed for a fantastic adrenaline rush.

Rap Jumping & Abseiling, Discount Deals, Southbank Melbourne

You will be coached by a professional teacher with a perfect safety record and, using a technique pioneered by the SAS from the Australian Army; you will be provided with safety equipment and will be taught how to travel at speed down the side of a building.

Enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of this unique activity with three jumps per person. You will be in full control of the speed of your descent and there is also another person with a safety brake system, so this activity is perfect for beginners or those who would like to try a different kind of abseiling.

This abseiling experience is located in the Southbank district and courses run on Saturday and Sundays at 12pm.

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