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Scuba Diving
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Scuba Diving

Australia has some of the best scuba dive locations in the country.

Although Victoria is known for its beautiful hilly terrain, popular wine regions and scenic towns, the state is also a popular destination for scuba and wreck diving around the Mornington Peninsula.

Scuba Diving Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Avid divers come to Port Phillip Bay to enjoy scuba diving. The wreck diving sites are home to numerous piers and scenic shorelines. Although many divers don’t know about the different diving sites around Melbourne, this city actually has many dive tour operators.

Take a scuba dive tour down in the Mornington Peninsula and enjoy having some fun exploring the underwater treasures. Dive into the cerulean waters and encounter hundreds of colourful fish, coral and other creatures in their natural underwater habitats.

You will find some excellent Melbourne trainers who offer short courses for beginner and novice divers.

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