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AAMI Park is one of Melbourne’s top sporting venues and is home to many exciting sporting events. There are many local sports teams which call AAMI Park home; including the Melbourne Rebels, Melbourne Storm and Melbourne Heart.

AAMI Park Melbourne, Seating Plan Map, Capacity & Parking

The stadium’s unique design makes AAMI park one of the most recognisable sporting grounds in Melbourne. This stadium features a large rectangular sporting ground that is utilised for weekly rugby and soccer matches. Besides that, AAMI Park is also a popular entertainment venue for outdoor concerts.

With a seating capacity of over 30,000 spectators, this is truly a remarkable outdoor sports stadium. One of the unique features of AAMI stadium is its environmentally sustainable geodesic roof. All in all, this majestic stadium offers a sensational atmosphere for all spectators to sit back and enjoy their favourite game or concert.

AAMI Park is one of the most interesting additions to the city’s beautiful cityscape and is well known to locals due to its unique bubble-dome. Check out the park’s upcoming event schedule if you’re keen to watch a live sports game.

The park is conveniently located near the CBD of Melbourne, with visitors able to easily access here by taking one of the many trams, walking or driving.

If you love soccer or rugby, then AAMI Park should be on your list of things to see while you’re in Melbourne. Stop by and watch the Melbourne Storm in action. The park also features nearby food outlets and public transport; including train and tram stations.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the AAMI Park in Melbourne.


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    • Hi Sharron,

      I have checked the official event website and it states that “Parking at Melbourne Park is limited and should be pre-booked. Due to the weather, Yarra Park will be closed. Guests should use city parking or public transport, and allow plenty of additional travel time.”

      Even at the price of $30, the Melbourne Park parking lot seems to be sold out. So rather than driving around Richmond trying to find a spot, i would suggest trying to find parking along Flinders St and then taking a tram or Taxi/Uber to AAMI Park.

      Alternatively, it is only a 1.5km walk from Federation Square along the Yarra.


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