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ACDC Lane is one of the city’s most popular streets in Melbourne, and it spans from Russell Street to Exhibition Street in the CBD.

Previously known as Corporation Lane, it has since been named ACDC Lane in honour of the iconic Australian rock band, AC/DC.

ACDC Lane Melbourne, Cherry Bar, Pastuso, Photography & Graffiti Art

AC/DC is Australia’s most famous and successful rock band whose stellar career launched while the members lived and worked in Melbourne. The reason for this naming was attributed to the fact that one of the band’s popular rock n roll hits, ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top‘ was filmed on Swanson Street, a stone’s throw away from ACDC Lane.

One of the key attractions on the lane is a pulsating rock ‘n’ roll club called Cherry Bar. As expected, the bar is home to many rock concerts and performing artists with heaps of live music scheduled each week. The best thing, perhaps, is the fact that there are different theme nights. For instance, every Thursday is Soul night at the club. Rock and other genres are played over the weekend with resident DJs also on location.

Look out for the cool graffiti that lines the lane and some great photo opportunities for photographers. There are also restaurants, boutiques and numerous outlets for your convenience.

ACDC Lane is easily accessible within the Melbourne CBD and is right near Swanston Street. You can get here by taking a train to Flinders Street Station and walking a short distance to its location.

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Off Flinders Lane, (runs north/south in between Exhibition & Russell Streets), Melbourne, VIC

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