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Alma Doepel
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Alma Doepel

Alma Doepel is a three-masted sailing vessel that was built and operated in Australia and has a long centennial history.

Launched in 1903, the ship has undergone several restorative procedures to maintain it in mint condition while allowing the current generation to get a glimpse of shipping in years gone by from one of Australia’s most treasured relics.

Alma Doepel Historic Ship Docklands, Melbourne VIC

Presently, the ship is at Docklands, Melbourne where it is undergoing various modification procedures to make it fit for commercial use. These modifications are part of the grand plan to maintain the graceful structure for posterity’s sake.

Due to these procedures, visitors who would like to get more insight into the ship’s history can visit Shed 2 on North Wharf Road in Docklands which is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Travellers who have a bit more time can also volunteer on a part time basis to contribute to Alma Doepel’s restoration.

On the open days, interested visitors can also purchase planks and have their names written on Alma’s Honour Board once restoration is complete. To donate a plank, you will be required to fill in a donation form on the official website of Alma Doepel. The good news is that these donations are not taxed, offering both local and foreign visitors an opportunity to give back to a worthy cause.

As a tourist attraction and important historical centre, Alma’s presence at Docklands cannot be ignored, and this is exactly why you should make time to visit Alma Doepel.

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