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Athenaeum Theatre

Athenaeum Theatre

Melbourne’s vibrant cultural scene includes an array of art galleries, theatres and museums. Indeed, this urban city offers a range of intriguing historical sites and venues for all cultural and history buffs to explore.

It’s true that Melbourne is where the local history lives. Just take a look at the Athenaeum Theatre.

Athenaeum Theatre Stalls Seating Map & Parking, Melbourne

This centuries-old theatre was built in 1839 and more than a century later, the theatre still remains quite the same. The site was also home to a small library in its early days and still exists to this day and open to the public.

When you enter the venue, you’ll find the entire theatre in immaculate condition. Special care has been taken with this historical site, therefore the exterior of the building is just as beautiful as the interior.

Visiting the Athenaeum Theatre is a must for all history and architecture lovers, with the site including a theatre and the Melbourne Athenaeum Library. This amazing historic site is a beautiful old structure in the middle of the CBD and is surrounded by a number of contemporary skyscrapers. To learn about the 19th-century architecture, don’t miss the opportunity to tour this beautiful theatre.

Apart from architecture, the Athenaeum Theatre is also popular for live shows and the opera and since 2003, the Athenaeum is one of the principal hosts of the Melbourne Opera. The theatre also hosts a range of popular live comedy shows and is commonly used to host shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Atheneum Theatre in Melbourne.


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    • Hi Margaret,

      There are a number of car parks all within 5 minutes walk of the theatre:
      1. City Square Car Park – 202/208 Flinders Lane
      2. Federation Square Car Park – Enter crn Flinders St & Hosier Lane
      3. Wilson Parking – 131 Elizabeth Street
      4. Wilson Parking – 172/192 Flinders Street

      These are just a few that are around. Google Maps will bring up the full range for you if you Google “Parking Melbourne CBD”


    • Hi Lorraine,

      There are three car parks directly behind the Athenaeum Theatre on Little Collins Street.

      The Wilson Car Park at 181 Little Collins Street appears to be the best value at $10 after 4pm and on weekends. Note that the car park closes at 10pm during the week, and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

      You will need to walk around the block to get to the theatre, approx 300 metres.


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