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Australian Centre of Performing Arts

The Australian Centre of Performing Arts (ACOPA) is located in the heart of North Melbourne. If you drive to the northern end of the CBD, you’ll reach ACOPA in the busy Errol Street precinct. If you love everything about art and creativity, then don’t miss a visit to this amazing venue.

Australian Centre of Performing Arts Melbourne, Victoria

This cultural and arts centre is home to a popular art training facility, theatre space, the Creative Talent Agency of Australia as well as the the famous Club Voltaire. ACOPA is known as a hub for talented and aspiring individuals to learn, grow and expand the creative environment of art across Australia.

ACOPA also offers a range of training programs that include a wide selection of courses. The training staff are extremely talented and highly qualified.

ACOPA’s learning centre offers a range of courses; ranging from part-time, full-time, weekly or month-long courses. While most of the short courses are designed to meet the needs of professional artists and creative designers, the full-time courses mostly cater for those who want to earn a professional performing degree.

14 Raglan St
North Melbourne, VIC

Opening Hours
Operating hours vary according to the event.

Phone Number
(03) 9326 3006

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