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Avalon Raceway

Avalon Raceway is one of Melbourne’s most popular dirt track raceways which was first opened in 1976. It is located in Lara, approximately 50kms south-west of Melbourne.

Today, Avalon Raceway plays host to a huge number of Sprintcar races all throughout the year.

Avalon Raceway Lara, Calendar of Sprint Car Events & Ticket Prices

The track was first opened in 1976 and was the brainchild of two brothers who had the dream to open a raceway for speed lovers. The brothers, Norm and Doug Brew, were popular race drivers back then. Over the years, the Drew family has continued to work on and maintain the tracks so that today, Avalon Raceway hosts national events which draw large numbers of people. The track, which is founded on clay Sand Mix, has an oval shape and spans a length of 390 metres.

Typically, a visit to the raceway will happen when events are on. Look out for the Sprintcar Racing events which bring race-lovers from across the country. Some of the most popular events held at the Avalon Raceway include the West Coast Classic, Super Rods, Great Southern Showdown Sprintcars and K-Rock Cup Super Sedans.

Avalon Raceway has grown to be one of Victoria’s choice speedway complexes. The raceway is located on 210 Old Melbourne Road, Lara Victoria. Parking is available on location. Get on M1 from Queen Street in the CBD and drive on to Beach Road in Avalon. Take the exit to Avalon Airport and continue on Beach Road to Old Melbourne Road, Lara.

210 Old Melbourne Road
Lara, VIC

Opening Hours
Per event schedule in image above

Phone Number
(03) 5229 8778

Email Address


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What is the Avalon Raceway address?
210 Old Melbourne Road, Lara, VIC
What are the Avalon Raceway opening hours?
Per event schedule in image above
How much are the Avalon Raceway tickets?
Prices very per event
Adult: $20-$30
Child: $10-$15
Child (Under 12): Free with adult
Concession: $15-$20
What is the Avalon Raceway phone number?
(03) 5229 8778
What is the Avalon Raceway email address?

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