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Calder Park

Melbourne is also a popular hub for motorsports and racing events, thanks to the city’s renowned Calder Park Raceway; one of the most popular racing circuits in Melbourne.

Every year, the venue hosts an array of events that include many nationally acclaimed motorsport events. So, visitors who love racing should ensure they pay a visit to this popular circuit north-west of Melbourne.

Calder Park Raceway Events, Thunderdome & Drag Racing

This racing circuit includes a drag racing strip, a road circuit and a high-speed banked oval-shaped dome known as the “Thunderdome.” The venue is meant for high-speed racing of all kinds. Seasonally, Calder Park Raceway also hosts an array of non-racing events; including super trucks, bikers and famous cars.

Visitors to Calder Park Raceway will be able to learn about the history of the raceway as there is a lot of historic information on display. The raceway was founded by a group of enthusiastic motorists who wanted to start an exclusive racing venue in Melbourne. Today, this racing circuit is the most popular racing venue in Victoria after the Grand Prix circuit on Phillip Island.

Calder Park Raceway is also popular for hosting the World Touring Car Championships. After this event was first hosted in 1987, this raceway started hosting Superbike racing and truck racing for the first time in Australia. Today, Calder Park Raceway proudly hosts the ongoing series of AUSCAR and the famous Australian Drag Racing.

If you are interested in watching a live racing event here, be sure to check out their event schedule.

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