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Chapel Street, South Yarra
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Chapel Street, South Yarra

Melbourne’s Chapel Street is a one-stop destination for shopping, nightlife and dining. The street offers an exhilarating mix of dining choices; including many regional and international cuisines.

Chapel Street is also Melbourne’s ultimate entertainment precinct; home to a large number of vibrant nightclubs, bars, pubs and live entertainment venues. With such a range of choices available, you’ll surely find Chapel Street an intriguing spot to visit in Melbourne.

Chapel Street, South Yarra Shops, Bars, Cafes & Restaurants

This pulsating area is home to a variety of shops; ranging from branded exclusives to upmarket designer stores. The shopping district offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessory stores. Alternatively, you can find bargain stores selling locally made goods and clothes.

Shopping isn’t the only activity that you can enjoy here. Come and experience the liveliest alfresco dining on Chapel Street. Whether you want a quick snack or a full-course gourmet meal, you’ll surely find something right here.

Nightlife here is always exciting. Visiting Chapel St after dark is highly recommended for all visitors who want to experience the Melbourne Nightlife. The street becomes an entertainment hub as soon as the sun goes down, with choices of venues including dance clubs, bars, pubs and live entertainment venues.

With so much to see and do, Chapel Street is unquestionably the best hangout spot in Melbourne.

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