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Hamer Hall

Hamer Hall is part of Melbourne’s popular Arts Centre precinct and the main concert venue of the Arts Centre.

Hamer Hall is the prime location for many major symphonies, plays, live concerts, operas and ballets – with notable performances including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Norah Jones and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Visitors will find a number of events all-year-round.

Hamer Hall Melbourne, Seating Plan & Parking

The venue’s stage and technology make it popular for major events in Melbourne. So it’s no wonder a wide range of concerts and live performances are held here every year.

Types of performances held here also include jazz, pop, rock and multicultural events. Whether you like contemporary or classical music, you’ll certainly find something suitable here to suit your taste and interests.

After recent redevelopments, Hamer Hall now showcases significant improvements; such as bar facilities, merchandise stands, increased auditorium space and better acoustics.

Come and join the festivities and experience some of the best musical shows and live concerts in the world.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Hamer Hall in Melbourne.


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  • Price range
    Meet & Greet VIP Package
    Gold Reserved Seating
    Silver Reserved Seating
    Wanting to get tickets for Foreigner 30th October – & tickets on offer are Gold Pass, Silver & Meet & Greet… Is there a map to show seating please??

    • Hi Angelo,

      You don’t mention whether you’re tickets are located in the Stalls or in the Dress Circle. If in the stalls, you are 8 rows from the front, middle left of the stage. If you are in the Dress Circle, you are the very last row in the middle. Here’s hoping you are in the stalls!

      You will need to contact the venue to book parking. Please call 03 9281 8012 or email [email protected]

      Best regards,

  • Hi I would like to attend a show ( not sure which show yet) and I would like to know what are the best seats in the venue for two people, do you have private seats for two can you advise I have been looking at the seating map but it doesn’t help
    Could you let me know

    • Hi Sue,

      Hamer Hall doesn’t offer private seats. Depending on the show would determine where I would choose to seat. For a large production, I think you are better to be one level up in the Dress Circle, dead centre, first few rows. If you are choosing a more intimate show, then I would choose Stalls, dead centre, about 5 or 6 rows back. It is not an overly large theatre, although I find that the Balcony (3rd level) is a little too far away for me.

      Have a great time at your next chosen show!

      Kind regards,

  • Hi. Can you please tell me how many rows back is Row E in the stalls and the position of seats 61,62 and 63 left to right. I have bookings for these. Can’t find that information anywhere. Thanks.

    • Hi Jean,

      Yes, there are a couple of spaces to the left of the venue between the National Gallery of Victoria / Hamer Hall.

      There are also 8 parking spaces for people with an Australian disability parking permit in the Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park. They cannot be reserved, however people with an Australian disability parking permit can reserve Valet Parking in advance and receive 25% off the normal price.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Ian,

      We are not ticket sellers for this event and I cannot find any information online about upgrading your ticket for a meet and greet.

      You are best to contact Ticketmaster on 136 100 to talk to a representative who may be able to assist.


  • Hi,

    I am planning to purchase a presale concert ticket for my favourite R&B singer Brandy who is coming to Melbourne on the 21st June (her show schedule that date).

    I know that Ticketmaster does not do choosing seating. I always want a front row seat.

    But which seats that is front row near the stage are they? I am sure front row seats are in Orchestra seating areas, am I right? I really want to get a front seat. I know that presale tickets start tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd May 2016).

    • Hi Ian

      It depends on the show as to whether the “Orchestra Seating” section is used. If there is an orchestra playing, then the front rows will be row ‘A’. If orchestra seating is used, then the front rows will be ‘DD’. It really depends on the concert.

      You are best to check directly with Hamer Hall on (03) 9281 8000 to see which configuration will be used for Brandy’s concert.

      When you purchase your tickets online, make sure you tick “best available” or you could try calling through to an operator who can assist you in getting the best front row seats.

      Enjoy the concert!


  • Hi, I was wanting to take my mum to a show here, she uses a walker as she is disabled, wanting to know where is easiest to park or drop off at venue as she cannot walk far? And how do I go about tickets that seating would suit her, she can manage a normal seat to sit in?

    • Hi Lisa,

      The Hamer Hall is accessible from street level on St. Kilda Road with lifts operating between levels inside the venue. The Arts Centre Carpark also has lifts operating and has disabled parking which is the closest parking you will find to the venue.

      Accessible seating is also available inside Hamer Hall, however you should contact their booking office directly to advise you require an accessible seat when purchasing your tickets. If your mum requires assistance getting throughout the venue, wheelchairs can also be booked through the Information Desk.

      Contact the Disability Access Manager for any further info you require on on (03) 9281 8503.

      Enjoy your show at Hamer Hall!


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Operating hours vary according to the event.

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Prices vary according to the season and event.

Please visit our website for more information on the Hamer Hall.
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