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Immigration Museum
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Immigration Museum

Victoria’s rich culture and heritage are comprised of a diverse mix of native and modern ethnicities – with Victoria culture home to plenty of modern immigrated communities. The cultural Melbourne precinct is the perfect destination for those who want to discover more about the history of our immigrants.

The renowned Immigration Museum of Victoria offers guests an informative insight to awe-inspiring stories of many Melbournian immigrants and communities.

Immigration Museum Melbourne Entry & Opening Hours

At the Immigration Museum, you’ll be surprised to find artifacts and history of immigration over the last 200 years. It seems the country has experienced immigration from all across the globe; with predominantly people from Europe, America and Asia coming here to make Australia home.

You will find every nitty-gritty detail about these immigrants, their lifestyle and contributions of the nation’s vibrant multicultural heritage. The museum offers a number of moving image films, community voices and memorabilia for you to explore.

The museum is located in the heart of the city, and for those coming here will be happy to know that the venue offers basic facilities; such as snack bar, parking facilities, nearby tram and coach drop-off zone.

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What are the Immigration Museum opening hours?
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Adult: $15
Concession: Free
Child (under 16yrs): Free

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